What does the location of your acne tells you?

face mapping acne chart

Wondering what does the location of acne tells you about your health?

i.e what does those recurring acne on cheeks mean? What do those recurring pimple on chin tell? What does jawline acne say about my health? What does acne on my left side of face explain?

If you have all those questions about the meaning of pimple location then you are at the best place on the planet because this post is all about Acne face mapping for males & females.

Without a doubt I have to say…

Your skin is your biggest and most visible organ. But what sets it apart from many organs is this: When it’s experiencing a problem, you are as sure as hell about the underlying cause.

This has led to the development of a new art of health explanation through skin condition aka “Face mapping”; as the term indicates, It stems from an ancient Chinese belief that a person’s skin is a reflection of their inner health.

In recent years, new face mapping techniques have been introduced. These tend to rely on dermatology, rather than traditional wisdom. But they’re still based on the idea that a blemish on your face is an indication of a deeper issue.

So are you ready to learn what those pimples breakouts on your face mean for your health?

Then say hello to a perfect guide about ‘Acne face mapping for men & women‘ below.

Acne location of your acne? What it means…

what those pimples on face mean?

If you say the eyes are the window to the soul, then surely your face is a window to your health. “Acne face mapping helps to divide the face into zones that correspond with specific medical or lifestyle triggers,” says Claire Chang, a certified dermatologist in New York City.

According to ancient Chinese medical techniques a person’s skin may be a reflection of their inner health. Similarly, according to ayurvedic face mapping bodily imbalance was thought to trigger breakouts in the skin, with specific areas of the face representing specific organs.

In recent times, modern face mapping has evolved to include more than just traditional wisdom and includes scientific and evidence-based causes of acne breakouts.

So it all boils down to these types of questions…

What acne spots on my cheeks tell my skincare? What about those on my hairline and do they have something to do with my hair care? Are those pimples on my jawline due to hormonal imbalance?

Let’s try to sort each of these face areas and uncover what you need to rectify whether it is your lifestyle or your regular body care.

1. Acne location around your hairline – pomade acne

acne around hairline -  pomade acne

As the name indicates, pomade acne is due to pomades which are thick, mineral-based products that block the normal secretion of sebum from hair follicles resulting in clogging of pores and hence acne.

How to treat it?

2. Acne location on cheeks – blame your phone & pillowcase

Acne on cheeks

Acne/pimples on your cheeks primarily due to these two factors

  1. Your cell phone: traces of E.coli bacteria on your phone spread over your cheeks as you hold to your face.
  2. Dirty pillows – Long sleeping hours on dirty pillows can lead to potential pimples if not taken care of.


How to treat it?

  • Clean up your phone with a soft issue every time you get on a call.
  • Swap/wash up your pillowcases at least once a week

3. Acne location on jawline – Hormonal acne

Acne on jawline

Hormonal imbalance during puberty or in menstrual cycle in women can lead to overestimation of oil glands which clogs pores resulting in acne. Now, this hormonal imbalance could also be due to diet ( a high Glycemic index diet, GI, for instance).

How to treat it?

  • Check out your diet and see if you are eating highly processed foods (carbs rich)
  • Get some professionally recommended topical acne treatments

While this type of modern version of face mapping can be helpful in quickly determining the underlying causes of breakouts, but you should never consider it a one-size-fits-all solution.

Moreover, If the above-mentioned lifestyle changes do not seem to work, then it’s time for an appointment for a professional dermatologist who can help you in creating a treatment regimen to calm down acne.

4. Acne location on your T – zone – Think oil

T -zone acne due to oil

If you’re getting breakouts in the T-zone area, think oil and stress immediately in this case of forehead acne pimples.

large-scale study involving 160 male high school students in Singapore found that high stress doesn’t have any direct effect on oil production, but it can aggravate already acne.

Another study, published in the Acta Dermato, found that people who woke up tired were more likely to have acne as well.

How to treat it effectively?

So, it seems that stress and sleep have a direct effect on acne. If you notice a pattern, try meditating before bed or practicing good sleep hygiene, or even listening to music or exercising (even for a few minutes) are good natural ways to relieve stress.

Furthermore, Also, never forget to avoid touching your forehead frequently because an average person touches their face hundreds of times per day, thus spreading oils and dirt directly into the pores potentially aggravating acne chances.

5. Acne location on your Nose

Acne on nose

So what does Acne on your nose means for your health status? Your nose is linked to your heart, and, according to Blondin, so cutting back on meat and spicy foods can help contain breakouts here.

How to treat it?

Furthermore, swapping these for foods that contain “good fats” like nuts, avocados, fish, or flaxseed can also greatly help. Finally, since this area is chock full of dilated pores, check that your makeup is not past its expiration date or does not contain pore-clogging ingredients.

6. Acne location between your eyebrows

acne between your eyebrows

This is the zone where food allergies express themselves first,” says Blondin. Lactose intolerance is a strong factor as is a diet rich in foods that are difficult to digest like fast food and processed food.

How to treat it?

If you get your eyebrows waxed, then simply treat the in-between area with salicylic acid to avoid breakout-causing ingrown hairs, advises Dr. Bowe.

7. Acne location on Your Ears

Acne on ears

Because this area is generally associated with the kidneys, breakouts here could be a direct result of dehydration in your body.

So, the solution is straightforward: “Drink lots of water and avoid carbonated and caffeinated beverages,” says Blondin.

8. Acne location around mouth- Both sides of face

Acne around mouth

You just can’t ignore the delicate skin above and around your lips off the acne face map. Breakouts around your mouth can be simply linked to constipation. If you suspect that’s the underlying cause, load up on fiber and produce.

Moreover, Pimples breakouts in this area can also be associated with eating too junk or spicy food. So try cutting back on these foods and see if there’s a clear improvement.

An important point to remember!

Occasionally, the spots around your mouth that sound pimples to you could actually be an allergic reaction to your daily toothpaste i.e Propylene glycol and sodium lauryl sulfate found in most toothpaste ingredients can cause tiny red bumps to form around your mouth (it’s called perioral dermatitis).

How to remedy this?

Simply switch toothpaste! Change from a gel to a paste (or vice versa), swap brands, etc and you are good to go.

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