21 proven natural hair growth tips & remedies for fast hair growth

natural hair growth tips and secrets

Are you looking for some powerful natural hair growth tips and want to know how you can grow your hair longer, thicker and faster?


If you are looking for some fast hair growth secrets and want to know how to grow hair faster in a month or in a week with some effective hair growth home remedies then you are at the perfect place on the planet.

The above questions are very fair on the part of the women for a number of reasons because have you ever met a woman who was satisfied with her hair? Me neither.

That’s because understandably hair is often associated with beauty and attractiveness( very rightly so!), which is why most women always want that little extra that will help transform their hair from good to great.

In today’s post we will discuss how can you turn around your slowing growing hair to super-fast growing hair strands thanks to these amazing natural hair growth tips & proven hair growth remedies for long hair.

So, without further ado, let’s dive in and help you kickstart your dormant hair growth to get your dream stronger, longer, and healthier hair.

Best hair care tips for long hair growth fast

hair care tips for long hair growth fast

It is that simple: If you want to get long and lustrous hair back, then you need to follow a dedicated long term hair care regimen than just doing it for a few days, weeks or months.

So here are the hair care tips to grow back long hair which have become stunted for now.

1. Regularly massage your scalp

regular scalp massage can stimulate hair regrowth

Regularly massaging your scalp is one of the simplest yet most effective remedies to keeping your hair growing healthy.

Doing it regularly can greatly improve blood flow towards your scalp which can directly increase the supply of healthy nutrients to your head to promote long hair growth.

Good sources to massage your scalp are almond oil, coconut oil and lavender oil which are proven for hair growth. You can easily get it done at the parlor, by a family member or friend, or simply by yourself.

Or you can automate with some very good scalp massager tools available online.

2. Don’t use shampoo daily

Don't use shampoo daily for hair growth

Stop using shampoo daily on your hair as the regular contact of harsh ingredients in them like sulfates can further dry up your hair making them brittle, frizzy and prone to easy breakage/falling off.

Just using it for 2-3 times a week should be enough to remove dirt or product built up away to allow the natural penetration of your scalp’s oil to keep it well-moisturized.

3. Always follow shampoo with a good conditioner

follow shampoo with a good conditioner

Just like it is better to limit the use of shampoo daily, it is better to always follow shampoo with a good conditioner.

Conditioning helps your hair to seal the moisture in your hair shafts, give some shine and protect it from surrounding dirt and pollution and provide some healthy nourishment in the form of hair-friendly lips and proteins.

4. Do deep conditioning at least once a month

Do deep hair conditioning once a month

Deep conditioning is simply hair conditioning on steroids. Hence, it is not that often but whenever you do, you can see your hair extra shiny, well-hydrated and well-nourished. All these qualities make deep conditioning a hard-to-miss ritual for your hair.

5. Change your hair dealing practices

good hair care habits can stimulate hair growth

It is that simple. If you are careless while dealing with your hair strands, how good products or good hair care routine you have, you are not going to get healthy hair.

So you change your hair dealing habits and make them hair friendly.

These are.

  1. Always be gentle while you are washing your hair
  2. Always dry your hair gently (don’t do aggressive blow-drying or towel-drying)
  3. Always brush your hair when they are dry (brushing on wet hair can lead to breakage)
  4. Always use a wide-toothed comb ( A brush can break up your detangled hair strands)

6. Brush your hair twice a day

brush your hair at least twice a day

Brushing your hair twice a day will ensure you are not accumulating any scalp and evenly spreading out the natural oils of your scalp skin to keep your hair adequately moisturized.

7. Get a trim regularly

regular hair trim can help hair growth

This will ensure that you are removing any potential roadblocks for hair growth as cutting off split ends tend to stimulate stalled hair growth.

8. Minimize harsh treatment & styling tools

less protein hair treatments can stimulate hair regrowth

It is that simple. If you don’t want to get serious damage to your delicate hair, then you have to promise yourself to minimize the harsh treatment you give to your hair in the form of heat-styling tools, hair-straightening, and hair-coloring treatments.

Over time, these can reduce the thickness, a sheen of your hair and making them appear dull and dry. Furthermore, you need to do these good things to your hair too.

  1. Protect your hair from the sun & harmful surroundings by covering up as far as you can.
  2. Never use tight ponytails as this can easily lead to breakage.

9. Maintain a diet rich in nutrients/vitamins/minerals

minerals and vitamin rich diet can stimulate hair growth

Your hair is what you are eating. If you are eating a hair-friendly healthy/vitamin-rich diet, this will be visible in the form of long, healthy and shiny hair.

Include a lot of proteins, minerals like iron, zinc, biotin, vitamin B-complex, vitamin E, etc and nutrient-rich leafy vegetables & fruits to maintain a balanced diet.

10. Drink plenty of water

drink plenty of water for hair growth

Drink plenty of water to never let your hair run out of moisture. These help in improving the blood circulation to the scalp, in turn, promoting hair growth.

11. Manage your stress

stress can stop hair growth

Both physical and psychological stress has been scientifically proven to negatively affect your skin & hair health leading to a temporary reduction in growth.

Having a good night’s sleep, meditation, yoga, etc can easily help you out of this.

12. Take some hair growth supplements

Biotin hair supplement can kickstart hair growth

Taking some market-based hair growth supplements can help quick regrowth of your hair. Using a gelatin supplement in the form of capsules or in dry shape is one good option to try out.

Beautywised tip!
Savvy tips to make your hair appear longer-than-usual

Don’t worry if you have don’t have those lengthy tresses. Here are some nice tricks to make them appear a little longer.

  1. Try layering  – This has been popular for quite some time to make your hair appear longer. For this, you can either go with a razor cut or step cut (anyone which can give you the most layers.)
  2. Part from the middle – You might not have tried this but if you do, you would find out that your hair are surely looking some longer.
  3. How-to-styling to make your hair longer – to make your hair look longer through styling, follow these guidelines.
  4. Get dark color treatments – If you want to give the impression of long hair while you have not, you need to go for darker color treatments like reds, plums, chocolates, etc make them appear voluminous and hence longer.
  5. Simply shampoo and condition your hair.
  6. Towel dry your hair and add some mousse to give volume.
  7. Now blow dry with your head looking down and focus it more on roots.
  8. Now, using a round brush, try to add some waves at the ends and mess around a lit bit.
  9. Try to get loose waves as it can make your short hair appear longer.

Top Home remedies for growing long & thick hair

Home remedies to grow long and thick hair

You just don’t have to look in the market for some solid hair growth remedies. What if you could simply open your pantry and find some of the best natural treatment waiting for you to get your job done cheaply & quickly.

You need to at least give a try to these purely organic, homemade remedies to have a shot for those long, thick hair that you have dreamed off.

1. Coconut Oil for long hair

Coconut oil for long hair

Rich in hair-friendly proteins, quality nutrients & minerals, and deeply moisturizing properties, it can easily percolate into your fine hair shafts to benefit your hair from the inside out and stimulate hair growth. 

what Do You need?

How to use it?

  1. Simply take the coconut oil in the mentioned quantities and gently massage on your scalp and leave it for 40-50 minutes to allow enough time to sink in. 
  2. After this much time, simply rinse it off with slightly lukewarm water and use a good shampoo in the process.

Use this simple home remedy for 1-2 times a week and you would surely find some encouraging results.

2. Amla oil for long hair (Gooseberry)

Amla hair oil for long hair

A very popular treatment for long hair called “Indian Amla” in the subcontinent has been found to stimulate hair growth by elongating the growth phase of hair follicles called “anagen”.

What do you need?

How to use it?

  1. Simply take the Amla oil in the mentioned quantities and gently massage on your scalp and leave it for 40-50 minutes to allow enough time to sink in. 
  2. After this much time, simply rinse it off with slightly lukewarm water and use a good shampoo in the process.

You need to do this for 1-2 times a week for best results.

3. Yogurt for long hair

Yogurt for long hair

Full of quality hair-friendly proteins, deep moisturizing properties, and powerful cleansing properties, this makes it a perfect remedy for stimulating your hair growth.

Moreover, the rich probiotics found in it can provide good luster and prevent further hair loss.

What do you need?

How to use it?

Simply use it daily on your breakfast or any other time. You can also use it as a weekly DIY hair protein pack mixed with egg over your head to use.

4. Fenugreek (methi) for long hair

Fenugreek for long hair

Recent studies have confirmed that it is rich in bioactive compounds that can both reduce hair loss and promote long hair growth.

What do you need?

How to use it?

  1. Take these methi seeds and leave them to soak overnight in a half cup of water.
  2. Now, finely grind these soaked seeds and make a good thick paste.
  3. Now, layer off this paste on your head as a mask and leave it for 30-40 minutes.
  4. After this much time, simply rinse it off with cool water

You can do this 1-2 times a week for optimal results.

5. Onion Juice for long hair

onion juice for long hair

Recent studies have found that onion juice is rich in phytochemical compounds that can stimulate hair growth. These benefits are also equally applicable for thinning and apparent balding of hair.

What do you need?

How to use it?

  1. Simply take the juice out of onion by putting it in a blender Or buy a readymade one.
  2. Now, just lather this on your scalp and leave it for 30-40 minutes.
  3. After this much time, simply rinse your head off with water and use a good shampoo in the process.

You can use this home remedy for long hair for 1-2 times a week safely without any side effects.

6. Green Tea for long hair

green tea for long hair

Rich in hair growth-promoting polyphenols and bioactive compounds, green tea can significantly stimulate hair growth and help you come out of a stalled hair growth period.

What do you need?

How to use it?

  1. Simply put the green tea bag in hot boiling water for 5-10 minutes until it completely seeps into the water.
  2. Now, just sip this tea as you would do with normal tea.

You can safely use this green tea hair long remedy daily without worrying about any side effects.

Consume green tea 1-2 times daily.

7. White egg yolk hair mask for long hair

white egg yolk hair mask can help hair growth

Research has found that egg yolk contains powerful hair growth stimulating ingredients like peptides. It can also treat hair loss.

What do you need?

  • Just a yolk of an egg

How to use it?

  1. Simply force open an egg to take the yolk out of it and just whisk it.

what you have to do?

  1. Extract the yolk from an egg and whisk it.
  2. Now, simply lather this on your scalp and leave it for about 25-30 minutes.
  3. After this much time, simply rinse it off your head and use a good shampoo in the process.

You can do it once a week safely for optimal results.

8. Henna for long hair

Henna for long hair

Henna is a very popular scalp treating treatment that has been shown to benefit hair loss and balding.

What do you need?

How to use it?

  1. Simply make a paste out of henna powder and water.
  2. Now, apply this evenly over your scalp and leave it for an hour or so before rinsing it off with cool water.

You can do this simple hair remedy once a week safely.

9. Curry Leaves for long hair

Curry leaves can help hair growth

Packed with healthy proteins, moisture and growth nutrients make it a very good natural remedy for aiming at long hair.

What do you need?

How to use it?

  1. Simply put curry leaves in a bowl having coconut oil int and heat up to let the juice of curry leaves flow into coconut oil.
  2. Now, simply cool this mixture down and strain out the liquid.
  3. Apply this oil over your scalp like a gentle massage and leave it for half an hour.
  4. After this much time, simply rinse it off with a good shampoo

You can safely use this long hair remedy for 1-2 times a week

10. Fish oil for long hair

fish oil for long hair

  • Rich in omega-3 fatty acids & other bioactive compounds, this home remedy effectively can promote hair growth.
  • Most of the fish oil supplements available have DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) which have been found to reverse the thinning and the resulting baldness from it.

Best foods for promoting hair growth

best foods for hair growth

How good your remedies are, if you are not doing something from within, you are never going to realize the dream of long, lustrous and voluminous hair.

Just as topical treatments & hair care is important, dietary treatment is equally important to, if you are looking for long-term hair health & growth.

Here are a few of the best foods you can eat to ensure long hair growth

  • Eggs
  • Berries
  • Spinach
  • Fatty fish
  • Avocadoes
  • Nuts & seeds
  • Soya beans 
  • Shrimps
  • Meat 

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