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BeautyWised aims to make the lives of women easier. Whether you are in your late teens, a working woman, or a mommy with a toddler in tow – we have something for you.

BeautyWised is the destination of choice for the latest updates, tips, and resources in beauty, that matter the most to the woman of today. Whether it is advice from a trusted expert or a DIY tutorial, we have it all covered.

We, at the moment, primarily focusing on Skin Care, Hair Care, but as we are going to expand it other areas of lifestyle that are close to heart to a lot of women out there. Through our fresh approach and well-researched, informative, and reliable content, we intend to inspire and equip women around the world to lead confident and happier lives.


Who is running this blog?

You are most welcome here…

I am Zaheer Ahmad,  a fashion & beauty enthusiast who eats and sleeps about body care all 24 hours a day.


What’s my motivation & story?

Being a student of fine arts and owner of a beauty salon in my city, I have learned a lot about how can women take their natural beauty to the next level.

Also, I believe that a lot of beauty care information on the internet is not well explained and is very vaguely written. This is where my motivation to create something that is different from that found online.

Beautywised.com is just a manifestation of that conviction to provide my readers with authentic, credible, practical and easy to digest information about their bodies for which they have to only remember my blog name and find everything they need.


What to expect from this blog?

Since our aim at beautywised.com is to provide credible and simplified information to our readers, you should be blindly expecting to

  • Find comprehensive, credible pieces of information about your skin & hair, etc.
  • I want you to read this blog, give feedback, comment and engage in conversation with me so that we both can learn from each other

If you don’t want to trust my words, then you must check out some of my posts and you will find it easy to understand articles about skincare which will make a very knowledgeable person about your overall beauty care.


How to connect with me?

You can reach out to me for any of your question or suggestion at my official email address

  1. zaheerahmad.online@gmail.com and
  2. Admin@beautywised.com


What do I expect from you?

I expect only two things from you.

  1. Read and engage with the information provided at beautywised.com and give your valuable feedback in comments
  2. You must subscribe to my blog to keep updated with fresh posts related to your fitness.